Juniors (Nippers)

Bulli Juniors (or nippers) is the membership category available to both boys and girls aged between 6 and 14. The Junior Club activities are the foundation from which we build basic surf skills, competition skills and awards knowledge. Each Sunday (normally 9.15am for 9:30am start) during the summer months (between October & February) our nippers gather to learn the skills necessary to handle themselves in the surf. 

Each age group has an Age Manager with one or two assistants. The leader is responsible for the education, training and organisation of the group. Many helpers are needed to keep our club running smoothly on both Saturdays at carnivals and Sundays at point-score. As the ages increase, the nippers are gradually taught to assist others who may be in difficulty.

This training leads to children obtaining the Surf Rescue Certificate at 13 and onto the Bronze Medallion at 15 (Senior Club). Nippers have a comprehensive competition calendar each season culminating in the New South Wales Championships which is hosted by Clubs all over the state, usually held in February each year.

The aims of the Sunday activities are:

  • Instruction in surf safety & surf awareness
  • Lifesaving & first aid skill development
  • Competitive sport activities
  • Platform to senior beach patrolling duties
  • Enjoyable social activity for children & parents

We encourage registering and paying online, please click here and follow the directions to register and make payment.

New Membership - All new members must show identification - either their birth certificate/passport.

For any further information in relation to our Junior Activities please contact bullinippers@gmail.com