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2016-2017 Junior Office Holders

Junior Chairperson Shawn van Duin *

Junior Vice Chairperson VACANT

Secretary Pat Crittenden *

Treasurer Kim Arnold *

Registrar Lynette Kirkland *

Club Captain Ian Timbrell * 

Vice Club Captain VACANT

Carnival Secretary Carmen van Duin

Publicity Officer Carmen van Duin/Jenaya Kohler

BBQ Coordinator Nicole Staniforth

Clothing Officer Belinda Elliott

Education Officer Renee Sharman 

 Gear Stewards ( x 2) Dave Kohler 

(* indicates Junior Executive)


These members have volunteered their time and service to help Bulli Juniors achieve lifesaving skills & education, competitive reward, good sportsmanship & sense of teamwork as well as hope to provide much enjoyment throughout the Surf Season. They will also work as a support network to the Senior Executive and most importantly are very approachable and happy to help.

With that in mind there will be some positive changes made this Season and note constructive feedback is always appreciated so as to improve the running of the Club.

The Committee hope you have enjoyed the break and look forward to the starting date on Sunday 9 October 2016.