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Building Extensions - we need the public's help

After sending correspondence & speaking with local councillors & Wollongong City Council staff (emails sent on 4 December 2012, 26 February 2013, 8 April 2013) requesting increased financial assistance in the Wollongong City Council 2013-2014 Capital Works Budget it appears that we haven’t been considered for any further funding past the 2013-2014 budget and into the vision of planning for Wollongong 2022.

For all of our members and supporters this is quite disappointing, but in saying that I and the members will continue to fight our cause and the priority of “giving our surf club members & Wollongong City Council Life Guards a better working environment to help protect the community whilst actively being involved in a healthy life style along the beach area at Bulli.”

Our project at Bulli Surf Life Saving Club is a MUST for all concerned, namely our surf club members, life guards, general public and the development/benefits will certainly be a positive outcome for the community. We are the most high profile club along the coast, this surf club built by our members in the 1950’s. Over the years we haven’t been like other clubs always putting their hand out for funding & assistance, we have gone about our core business of servicing the community in a professional manner. Please take time to reflect the following outstanding achievement by our surf club, “100 years of patrolling and no lives lost whilst our surf club members have been on patrol.”

What a great milestone and really shows the commitment of our members, we have had 100’s of serious incidents and rescues over these years but our members have really stood up to the task, remembering this is a not for profit voluntary organization.   

Our membership base is on the rise due to our high profile community involvement, outstanding surf sports achievements and of course our lifesaving and education programs. As in every project undertaken by volunteer not for profit community organisations like our surf club, funding plays a big part towards making our extensions a reality for our members. Over the past 6 seasons (official surf life saving records) our membership base has increased from 400 to 602, a staggering 51%.

The Future:

The primary purpose of a surf club is to provide a safe beach environment for swimmers and beach goers, our volunteer members provide the following community services voluntarily and often at considerable risk to the personal safety of our volunteers: emergency search/rescue (rescue ready 24/7) and medical services; preventative programs to ensure beach visitors avoid danger (surveillance, safe swimming area, shark alarm, identification of rips, stinger sweep, and first aid); surf safety information through community education programs; youth development programs; and healthy lifestyle programs (physical exercise and eating habits).

Our club strives to maintain the highest quality of services to all beach goers and members of the community.

Our surf lifesavers receive nationally accredited medical and first aid training, skills which are directly transferable to everyday medical emergencies within the community.

At this present stage our building and storage of lifesaving equipment is not at a standard satisfactory to our members and Wollongong City Council Lifeguards, which in principle could cause issues when dealing with an emergency situation and work health and safety.

What the Community will get:

A bigger & better more equipped surf club & life guard facilities. Be able to significantly increase community interaction. At present Bulli Surf Life Saving Club and its members have been engaged in local community activities such as;  Cancer Council Relay for Life, Heart Foundation, 1st Illawarra Motor Neurone Disease Charity Walk, Bulli Caravan Park Summer Safe Surf Tips Program, Woonona Lions Club, EnVie Fitness Programs, Fairy Meadow Rotary Club

The Development:                    

The development   proposal will involve the demolition of small junior surf board store room at the south/western corner of building and the construction of a two storey extension on the southern side of the building, conforming to the existing concrete ramp area.

The proposal specifically includes:

Ground Floor

Provide additional enclosed storage space for surf lifesaving craft and equipment (surf club & council equipment)

Convert existing meeting room into storage space, smaller training room and additional shower area

Expand exercise room into existing storage area to suit existing equipment needs

New entry, stair to upper floor and disability access lift

Existing car-park to remain with ambulance access maintained

First Floor

Provide new training room for club meetings and large group training sessions

Provide new office for club manager/secretary

Kitchen and toilet facilities

New observation deck/balcony facing beach and parkland

New stair access, including a disability access lift

Maintain access to lifeguard observation room

The proposed development will alleviate the current storage and amenities problem at the surf club

We will be able to store all of the club’s and Wollongong City Council lifeguard equipment under the one roof.   (We currently have a situation where members store club equipment at private residences and Council stores equipment in a secondary property.)

There will be adequate amenities for both genders.

The extension will allow for the continued use of the building for any essential public purpose, namely council life guard services, surf lifesaving duties and associated community functions.

The building extension will provide improved facilities, formalise the use of the buildings for community meetings and most importantly, will enable the Bulli Surf Life Saving Club and Wollongong City Council Life-guards to incorporate all of its storage requirements in one building, at present this doesn’t happen.


That priority in the 2013-2014 Capital Works Budget be given to our surf club for the building extensions to take place as a matter of urgency. The subject property is a public reserve owned and managed by Wollongong City Council.

The building was built by surf club members some 60 years ago and we haven’t applied for any major building maintenance or funding previously.

What we are requesting is that Wollongong City Council please look at our previous application for funding assistance to the value of $350K to match the State Government, you have allocated $60K already, so basically we are requesting another $290K to make our development a reality and further benefit the community at large.    

Finally our Building Committee along with the general membership base are presently searching for funding/grants from local/state/federal government and organizations to assist our cause, with a number of grant applications submitted recently. We are also fundraising and have previously received $350K from the NSW Government Surf Club Facility Grant (Sport & Recreation), our Building Fund has close to $50K, our Buy a Brick project is slowly gaining momentum with $20K in the bank, sponsors have pledged $40K so far, but all of this is as you know hard work for a non-profit organisation. Any assistance to our cause on your behalf would be greatly appreciated by the local community and our members.

For any person to assist our cause please go to http://wcc.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/limesurvey/index.php?sid=97696&lang=en

Or   Wollongong City Council webpage   http://www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au

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Page 4 of Capital Budget 2013-2014 Section 10086 New lifeguard towers/facilities - we thank WCC for the $60,000 allocated to Bulli SLSC but we cannot see in the Capital Budget 2013-2014 a further allocation of $350,000 from Bulli SLSC’s submission to WCC back in September 2012 followed up in December 2012 and February 2013 and March 2013


Keith Caldwell



5 May 2013