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Bronze Proficiency this Sunday

Our 1st Bronze Only Proficiency Date is this Sunday 30 October 10.30am report for a 11am start

Please see our Lifesaving Team who will record your names.There will be a number of further dates advertised next week which all patrolling members & surf sports members MUST COMPLETE so they can patrol the beach & start in events at carnivals.

You will need to put 1.5 hours of your time aside to complete land based proficiency training including resuscitation with oxygen & defibrillation, signals, radio & IRB awareness. There is also the Run Swim Run (200m run-200m swim-200m run) that needs to be completed in 8 minutes, plus showing your skills in a rescue situation with a surf rescue board or rescue tube.

We have an increase in membership this season so your support on the day will be appreciated.

New members who have transferred from other clubs NEED TO COMPLETE THEIR PROFICIENCY THIS SUNDAY prior to the 1st Round of the South Coast Boats & 2nd Round of the Sydney Water Series competitions.

Members doing their Bronze Medallion Course will also complete their proficiency component of the course this Sunday.

Keith and Maria Caldwell