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2011-2012 Office Holders

Our Annual General Meeting was held last Sunday in the surf club meeting room to elect our office holders for the 2011-2012 season.

Concerns were held that we might have a lack of numbers due to the Shamrocks Rugby Union Football Club having a deferred game allocated on the day, members at the Nutri Grain trails in Noosa and some usual attendees unavailable due to social/work commitments. Well we didn't need to worry with over 40 people attending on the day.

The 2010-2011 Annual Report was available and thanks must go to Barry/Denise Adams, Keith Caldwell & Brad/Sarah at Colour Print Solutions for putting the report together.   

Getting back to the election of office holders, Keith Caldwell was elected un-opposed as President and will lead an enthuastic executive & management committee. There were a few changes, most notably ones being in our Lifesaving section, with Jake Hogarth  stepping up as Club Captain. It has been a long time since we have had a young 21 old as Club Captain with the past years our patrols being looked after by previous Club Captains such as Paul Hennessy, Paul Brightwell & Noel Freeman. Everybody was impressed at the meeting about Jake's involvement in club activities over the past few years and many believe he will do an excellent job.

The club has also decided to run with 2 Vice Club Captains, Jamie Caldwell with last years Club Person of the Year Dave Greene stepping up to the mark to lend their expertise within our Lifesaving ranks. Al Green and Wayne Heycott, 2 hard working members have taken on the roles of IRB/ATV Captain & Vice Captain respectively.

The big change in the Junior Activities Section sees Peter Lord taking over from Leanne Lunney. Peter is very keen to continue the great work that Leanne did in her 2 years as the Junior Chair-Person. 

2011-2012 Executive Officers:

President: Keith Caldwell

Deputy President: Dennis Allen

Secretary/Public Officer: Barry Adams

Treasurer: Garry Horne

Club Captain: Jake Hogarth

Junior Activities Chair-Person: Peter Lord


2011-2012 Management Committee:

Assistant Secretary: Denise Adams

Surf-Guard Officer: Maria Caldwell

Competition Secretary: Maria Caldwell

Chief Instructor: Dean Dudley

Boat Captain: Adam Barlow

IRB/ATV Captain: Al Green

Surf/Craft Captain: Downie Langthorne

Vice Club Captains (2): Jamie Caldwell & Dave Greene

Brone Holders (3): Kevin Starling, Grant Joy & Peter Hammersley 


2011-2012 Office Holders:

Registrar: Paul Hennessy

Truistees (3): Barry Adams, Russ Jones & Keith Caldwell

Assistant Instructor: Mal Nelson

Vice Boat Captain (2): Shane Geloven & Ben Lowe

Assistant IRB/ATV Captain: Wayne Heycott

Surf/Craft Vice Captain: Jake Hogarth

Cheif Firswt Aid Officer: Debra Nelson

OH & S Officer: Robyn McLean

Gym Supervisor: Kimberley Fleming

Touring Team Manager: Keith Caldwell

Rookie Co-ordinator: Julie Heycott

Publicity Officer: Keith Caldwell

Judicial Committee (2): Grant Joy & Paul Jones

Competition Committee (2): Peter Lord & Paul Jones

Club Photographers (2: Ingrid Cardillo & Lincoln Costello

Building Commitee (7): Barry Adams, Julie Heycott, Danny Sharkey, Peter Hammerlsey, Garry Horne, Lincoln Costello & Barney Greenfield

Life Membership Committee (5): Jeffrey Horne, Garry Horne, Chris Mercer, Kevin Starling & Peter Hammersley

Child Protection Officer: Maria Caldwell

Honorary Auditor: Eon Chapman (Chapman Accounting Services)


Keith and Maria Caldwell