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Well done members - 2011 Cancer Council Relay for Life!

Extreme Weather = Extreme Determination

On Saturday 24 September 2011 the Bulli Surf Club Team participated in the 2011 Illawarra ‘Relay for Life’ at the Keryn McCann Athletics Centre, Beaton Park.  The 24 hour event was to raise funds for the Cancer Council and our team participated wholeheartedly in every aspect of the event despite the rain and chilly weather.  Even when tents started to flood, a few team members decided to stay overnight despite being very uncomfortable - they were Keryn Morris, Jesse Morris, Katelyn Moore, Ellie Yates and Ellyse Heycott.

Prior to the relay the team collected donations both on-line and by cash to contribute to our goal of $1,800.00.  At the event we held a stall selling used books and lollies to add to the fundraising total and due to the weather this was not as successful as we had hoped but throughout the day there was always someone manning the stall just in case we got a sale.

The team were great ambassadors for our club and at no time did they ever lose sight of the importance of the event not only to the local community but to the cause in general.  This can be seen by the people who joined our team at late notice when they witnessed the determination of other team members and also by some who had other plans cancelled and were able to attend.

The result being that we have raised a total of $2,047.00 in on-line and cash donations.  WOW!!!! this amount exceeds our goal  – I am so proud of the team and the many people who sponsored us for the event.

So I would like to thank the team:

Original Team

Wayne Heycott, Brian Morris, Keryn Morris, Leanne Lunney, Mikayla Morris, Kyle Heycott, Lachlan Hand, Jesse Morris, Lakeisha Graham-Jackson, Ellyse Heycott, Emma Brown, Katelyn Moore, Ellie Yates, Josh Gordon, Connor Basham, Joel Meznaric, Bryar Lunney and Kiara Lunney.

Last Minute Team Members

Natalie Jackson, Logan Jackson, Zane Jackson, Jayden Jackson, Peta Lunney, Alison Hand, Emma Lockhart, Bridgette Lockhart and Chloe Spendlove.

Special Thanks go to:

Brian Morris and Wayne Heycott - for the setup, packing up, ensuring we had enough supplies and the many laps they completed....they were great especially in the torrential rain on Sunday.

Alison Hand – who came back early Sunday to continue walking laps with Lachlan (in torrential rain) to ensure our team was on the track...and for assisting with the pack up.

Glen and Tracey Meznaric – who constantly attended the event throughout the entire time to ensure that we did not need anything and for the pack up in the rain on Sunday - it is very much appreciated.

Natalie, Logan, Zane and Jayden Jackson – for joining the team on the day, for walking lots of laps, for assisting with the stall, packing up on Sunday and for their never ending enthusiasm throughout the event...it was great!

Leanne Lunney – who was there at the beginning, went home for a spell and then returned at 2.00am to walk laps for our team for about 3 or so hours....Leanne...you are amazing!  I do not think that many people would have left their warm cosy beds on a cold, rainy night to assist the team!!

Keith and Maria Caldwell – for their support, assistance and especially their encouragement for the team to participate in this event!

HOWEVER...this year my very special thank you goes to Keryn Morris...what can I can say...Keryn was on board right from the start, kept in constant contact with me to discuss strategies etc, raised money, helped with setting up and packing up...kept my spirits up when the rain came down and the team were struggling and who supported me every step of the way...thank you so much I really appreciate it!

Once again our inspiration was:

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

and for the second year running Bulli Surf Club proved it!!!


Julie Heycott

Rookie Co-Ordinator


Keith and Maria Caldwell