Bulli Surf Life Saving Club
Bulli Surf Life Saving Club

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Office Holders elected for 2012-2013 season

Over 40 members attended our AGM held yesterday in the club rooms. A few changes in the Executive Committee with Garry Horne (Treasurer), Dennis Allen (Deputy President) & Peter Lord (Junior Chairperson) stepping aside for first timers Stuart Brown (Treasurer), Lincoln Costello (Deputy President) & Brent McKellar (Junior Chairperson). The future of the club is bright with members happy to step into roles. Only 3 positions remain vacant and if any member is keen to fulfil these roles please get in contact with Club President Keith Caldwell.

Executive Committee  

Club President – Keith Caldwell

Deputy President – Lincoln Costello

Secretary/Public Officer – Barry Adams

Treasurer - Stuart Brown

Club Captain – Jake Hogarth

Junior Chairperson – Brent McKellar


Management Committee  

Assistant Secretary (2) – Denise Adams & Julie Heycott

5 x Bronze Holders – Peter Lord, Grant Joy, Kevin Starling, Peter Hammersley & Paul Hennessy

Vice Club Captain x 2 – Dave Greene & Jamie Caldwell

IRB/ATV Captain – Al Green

Boat Captain – Paul Jones

Surf & Craft Captain – Downie Langthorne 

Chief Instructor – Dean Dudley

Surf Guard Officer – Maria Caldwell 

Competition Secretary – Maria Caldwell


Office Holders

Registrar - Maria Caldwell

3 x Trustees – Barry Adams, Russ Jones & Keith Caldwell

Assistant Instructor x 2 – Mal Nelson & Mitchell Hand

Vice Boat Captain – Ben Lowe

Vice Surf & Craft Captain – Mitchell Fagerstrom

Vice IRB/ATV Captain - Scott Gordon

Chief First Aid Officer (2) – Kimberley Fleming & Mitchell Hand

Work Health & Safety Officer - Vacant

Gym Supervisor - Vacant

Touring Team Manager – Keith Caldwell

Rookie Coordinator - Vacant

Publicity Officer – Keith Caldwell

Judicial Committee x 2 – Grant Joy & Barry Lowe

Competition Committee x 2 - Dave Greene & Shane Geloven

Building Committee x 7 – Danny Sharkey, Garry Horne, Peter Hammersley, Julie Heycott, Grant Joy, Lincolcn Costello & Barney Greenfield

Life Membership Committee x 5 Garry Horne, Paul Hennessy, Kevin Starling, Peter Hammersley & Noel Freeman

Child Protection Officer Maria Caldwell

Honorary Auditor – Jason Sparkes (Sparkes Accounting)

Keith and Maria Caldwell