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Ocean Thunder - 4th in the final!

The "Calvin Petrol Station & Mint Car Wash" Men's A Crew of Paul Jones, Dean Roberts, Heath Mercer, Ben Lowe & Dan Porra competed in the 3rd round of the Ocean Thunder Boat Series at Dee Why last Saturday (12 January).

In hot conditions with minimal assistance with the swell the crew performed outstandingly. In the 6 pointscore rounds the crew finished with 1 x 1st, 2 x 2nd & 3 x 3rd to finish 4th leading into the money rounds! They were there in every race leading a majority of the times only for crews to get a little bit of assistance in better alleys drawn.

The guys made it through to the final 6 which then turns into a double race, with one of the rowers (unlucky Dan...but apparently the only one who can run fast) having to run up the beach around a turning flag whilst the rowers & swep get the boat ready to race back out to sea for the second leg, quite gruelling and taxing on the body especially in the hot conditions, during the day a few light southerlys came through causing conditions to change when closer to the bouys out to sea.

4th place in the final & a long day at the office. Just beaten by Currimbin, Bateman's Bay & Manly. Well done to the guys they are rowing unreal & clearly on the pace with the best crews in the land.

Major Sponsor Rick Calvi from Calvi Petrol Station & Mint Car Wash came along for the morning & bought a box of mangoes, cherries & figs from his families petrol station. He was suitably impressed with the commitment of the guys & how good they raced during the day. Sweep Paul Jones even got him a gig with the beach commentator and the family business was given great exposure all day. 

Keith and Maria Caldwell