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Bulli kids shine in NZ

NSW Pool Rescue Team Triumphant In NZ

Twelve athletes from the NSW U18 development team that travelled to New Zealand have returned this week with an incredible 19 medal haul at the NZ Pool Rescue Championships in Auckland.

At what was a very competitive event that saw a number of New Zealand national records tumble, the NSW athletes came away with extremely strong results showing how far Pool Rescue development has come in the state.

Against some of the strongest pool competitors in the world, the 12 young NSW athletes came away with six gold, nine silver and four bronze medals while NSW Team Coach, Rachelle King, also won a bronze medal.

The results meant that every one of the 12 athletes as well as one of the team coach came away with medals.

Some of the standouts included Cory Fletcher (Terrigal) who won five medals including two gold in the 50m swim and 4x50m relay, two silver and a bronze.

Indigo Verhoeven (Umina) won three medals including gold in the 4x25m manikin relay and the 100m manikin carry with fins as well as a silver medal in the 4x50m obstacle relay.

Emily Rosskelly (Warilla Barrack Point), Abbey Dawson (Bulli) and Kendal Fitzgibbons (Terrigal) each won four medals while Kiah Taylor (Bulli), Daniel St George (Bulli) and Abigail Pugh (North Cronulla) won three medals apiece.

Surf Life Saving NSW Team Manager, Don Van Keimpema, says the team’s outstanding results shows how strong the standard of Pool Rescue is in NSW.

“This has been a fantastic tour for these young athletes. Not only did they gain a valuable touring experience they have achieved some incredible results and shown some real potential emphasising their bright futures in Pool Rescue.

“This tour has really shown how strong Pool Rescue has been developing in NSW from the State Championships right down to our Pool Rescue clinics. I’d also like to extend our thanks to Surf Life Saving NZ for our enabling our athletes to participate and compete in their National Championships,” said Mr Van Keimpema.

Gold medals

  • Corey Fletcher, 50m swim with fins, 21.00
  • Indigo Verhoeven/Kendal Fitzgibbon/Kiah Taylor/Abbey Dawson, 4x25 manikin relay, 1:39.35
  • Corey Fletcher/Daniel Cole/Keegan Street/Lachlan Moyle, Men’s 4x50m medley relay, 1:42.40
  • Indigo Verhoeven, 100m manikin carry w/fins, 1:04.16
  • Daniel St George, 200m swim with obstacles, 2:07.62
  • Jack Ford/Daniel St George, line throw, 11.90

Silver medals

  • Abigail Pugh/Emily Rosskelly/Kiah Taylor/Abbey Dawson, 4x50m medley relay, 1:55.67
  • Corey Fletcher, 200m swim with obstacles, 2:08.11
  • Kiah Taylor/Emily Rosskelly, line throw, 35.12
  • Kendal Fitzgibbon, 50m manikin carry, 40.81
  • Kendal Fitzgibbon, 100m rescue medley, 1:23.13
  • Abbey Dawson, 200m super lifesaver, 2:45.73
  • Daniel St George/Jack Ford/Corey Fletcher/Keegan Street, 4x50m obstacle relay, 1:52.00
  • Abigail Pugh, 100m manikin tow w/fins, 1:08.13
  • Indigo Verhoeven/Kendal Fitzgibbon/Abigail Pugh/Emily Rosskelly, 4x50m obstacle relay, 2:05.00

Bronze medals

  • Rachelle King, 50m open swim with fins, 23.85
  • Emily Rosskelly, 200m swim with obstacles, 2:23.58
  • Lachlan Moyle, 200m super lifesaver, 2:27.60
  • Abbey Dawson, 50m manikin carry, 41.98
  • Corey Fletcher, 100m manikin to w/fins, 1:00.41
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