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Club places 4th at NSW Pool Rescue Championships

Terrigal SLSC has once again dominated the NSW Pool Rescue Championships over the weekend at Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy.

More than 350 competitors from 23 clubs battled it out in the pool competing in events such as obstacle swims, manikin carries, line throws and medley relays.

Bulli with a very young & small squad of 15 athletes + 2 oldies came away with a swag of medals and placed 4th overall in the club pointscore behind Terrigal, Umina & Cronulla Surf Life Saving Clubs. Our athletes won 3 gold 10 silver & 5 bronze medals.

Well done to all the team on a great weekend, especially two new U12 girls Zara Sharman & Kiamana Fittock who only recently joined the club from Woonona & Coledale respectively. Both girls came away with a few medals on their first attempt at pool rescue events. We also have a new group of U12-U14-U15-U17 girls who are all stillwater swimmers and showed that with further skills training they will be a force to be reckoned with, they also picked up State medals at their first attempt.

Many thanks to Sean Taylor & Keith Caldwell who conducted training sessions at Wollongong University Aquactic Centre. Special mention to Leanne Taylor who was an official over the weekend and Scott Gordon who performed pool setting duties on both days.   


 1stWomen U15 200 Obstacle Relay Kelsey Cresswell - Sheree Farrell - Natasha Burke- Mali Taylor

1stWomen U12 50m Brick Carry Zara Sharman

1stWomen U12 50m Freestyle with fins Kiamana Fittock

2ndWomen U12 50m Freestyle with fins Zara Sharman

2nd Men Open 50m Freestyle Daniel St George

2ndWomen U12 100m Obstacle Race Zara Sharman

2ndWomen U12  100m Patient Tow Relay Zara Sharman-Kiamana Fittock

2ndWomen U19 Line Throw Relay Kiah Taylor-Alexandra Smiroldo

2ndWomen U15 Line Throw Relay Kelsey Cresswell-Sheree Farrell

2nd Women U15 200m Super Lifesaver Mali Taylor

2nd Women U15 50m Manikin Carry Mali Taylor

2ndWomen U17 200m Obstacle Race Alexandra Smiroldo

2ndWomen U15 200m Obstacle Race Kelsey Cresswell

3rdWomen U15 200m Obstacle Race Sheree Farrell

3rdWomen U15 50m Freestyle with fins Sheree Farrell

3rdWomen U14 200 Obstacle Race Natasha Burke

3rdWomen U12 100m Obstacle Race Kiamana Fittock

 3rd Women U15 100m Manikin Tow with fins Mali Taylor



4th(Dead Heat) Women U12 50m Brick Carry Kiamana Fittock & Bronte Sweeny

4thWomen U12 200m Obstacle Relay Kiamana Fittock-Monique Munro-Zara Sharman-Bronte Sweeny 

4thWomen U12 100m Brick Relay Monique Munro- Zara Sharman-Bronte Sweeny-Kiamana Fittock

4th Women U17 100m Manikin Tow with fins Abbey Dawson

4thWomen Open 50m Freestyle Kelsey Cresswell

4th Women U15 200m Obstacle Race Mali Taylor 

4th Women U15 50m Freestyle with fins Mali Taylor

4th Women U17 100m Rescue Medley Abbey Dawson

 5th Men U17 50m Freestyle with fins Daniel St George

5th Men U17 100m Rescue Medley Daniel St George

5th Men U17 200m Obstacle Race Daniel St George

5thWomen U15 50m Manikin Carry Kelsey Cresswell

5th Women U17 100m Manikin Carry with fins Abbey Dawson

5th Men U17 200m Super Lifesaver Daniel St George

5th Women U17 50m Manikin Carry Abbey Dawson

 6thWomen U17 50m Manikin Carry Kiah Taylor

6thWomen U17 200m Super Lifesaver Kiah Taylor

 6thWomen U14 50m Freestyle with fins Natasha Burke

6thWomen U15 100m Manikin Carry with fins Kelsey Cresswell

6th Masters Men Over 30 Line Throw Relay Keith Caldwell- Scott Gordon

6thWomen U17 100m Rescue Medley Kiah Taylor

6thWomen U14 Line Throw Relay Natasha Burke-Anneliese Munro

6th Men U17 100m Manikin Carry with fins Daniel St George

6th Men U17 100m Manikin Tow with fins Daniel St George

6thWomen U14 50m Manikin Carry Anneliese Munro

6th Men U17 50m Manikin Carry Daniel St George

6thWomen U15 200m Super Lifesaver Kelsey Cresswell